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with Sharon, the Faith Coach

Live Speaking Masterclass

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A great alternative to the WOM Speaking Club

Each live masterclass is the first Wednesday of each month.

Live masterclasses focus on public speaking coaching and training for speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs.

Replay are available.

Sign-up below. 


If you're interested in improving your communication skills and speaker brand, then the speaking masterclasses can help you. Are you doing anything for speaker personal and professional development right now?


If not, then this is a great start for you. Why sit around and wait for the perfect time to start something? Start now and grow from there. Zig Ziglar said 'we don't have to be great to start, we have to start to be great.'


Each month, join our live virtual masterclasses that will help you speak

with confidence, tell your story with clarity, and interact with likeminded Christian women.

First Wednesday of Each Month (replays available)

7pm - 8pm EST

We're open for enrollment.

Every month you will:

  • Attend live masterclasses or watch replays 

  • Office hours to ask any question

  • Gain confidence in speaking on or off the stage

  • Tell your story with clarity/power

  • Advance your speaker brand/business

  • Increase retention with a digital workbook

  • Network with speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs

  • Speak with power and confidence from the stage

  • Include your story in your message

  • Connect with your niche'/ideal avatar

  • Network with other like-minded Christian women

  • Much more

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Best Value

Masterclass ANNUAL



Per year

Paid in full (2 months FREE)

Averages $37 per month

Why speaking confidence matters?

There are many reasons why you need to speak with confidence. For one, it shows that you believe in yourself and your abilities. This can be extremely attractive to others, as it shows that you are not afraid to take risks to help yourself, help others. Additionally, confidence can help you to better “sell” your offer and your ideas. When you speak with confidence, people are more likely to listen to you and take you seriously. That’s the foundation of what the Women of Movement Speaking Club is about. Are you ready to start believing in yourself for your next level of speaking with confidence?

113. Clients and Your Unique Value Proposition
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