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The Women of Movement Speaking Club
Individual and Group Coaching

You're almost in, so welcome to the Women of Movement (WOM) Speaking Club in advance!

  • Speaking Club 297

    Every month
    24 Hour Offer (ends Friday 8pm EST)
    • Bonus - 1:1 quarterly coaching
    • Can cancel anytime
  • Speaking Club 2370

    24 Hour Offer (ends Friday 8pm EST)
    Valid for one year
    • Includes 1:1 monthly coaching
    • Averages $197 per month
    • Save $1,194
    • Customized coaching to targeted areas
    • Includes everything in group plan

WOM Speaking Club regular monthly rate: $347

WOM Speaking Club regular annual rate: $3470

Your monthly offer for the next 24 hours: $297

Your annual offer for the next 24 hours: $2370

This offer ends Friday, November 3rd at 8pm EST

This is a valuable opportunity. Take advantage of this offer without overthinking it. It's your time to for your next exciting level of speaking with confidence, joining a great network of other Christian female professionals, and earning your Women of Movement Speaker Certification.

As the new year comes and goes, don't let it be another missed opportunity to try something different. I hope to see you on the stage.

Regular WOM Speaking Club enrollment closes November 20th and opens back up in January 2024 at higher rates.



ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: US$2,370 (2 months FREE, offer for a limited time)

As a reminder, HERE's what you get with the WOM Speaking Club.


After submitting the enrollment rate, you will receive important club information.


Offer is valid for 24 hours


86. Three Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired in This Season
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