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Elevator Pitch Masterclass

with Sharon,

Master the skill of speaking on Clubhouse stages

and other virtual and live stages by mastering your elevator pitch among other things.

Do you need help with speaking with confidence? Creating your elevator pitch? Identifying your signature story? Knowing how to connect with your future clients and customers? Then this Elevator Pitch Masterclass is for you. 

Sign up for a 2-hour online workshop

 Sign-up for the next Elevator Pitch Masterclass where you will not only leave with a cohesive, professional, and polished elevator pitch that will enable you to speak on Clubhouse stages, other virtual and live stages, or any place you desire, but you will also leave with transformational speaking tips, identify your signature story, and discover your niche'/avatar/ideal client. Yes, you will be able to fully articulate what your business is about and you will attract potential clients and customers based on the key language you use in your elevator pitch, which can be used in many places. What you say is extremely important to people working with you.

Click link below to sign up for the next

Elevator Pitch Masterclass 

Limited number of participants, so register now. 

Next training workshop: Monday, January 24th, 2022

 6pm - 8pm EST via Zoom


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53. Intrinsic Motivation and Inspiration is What is Needed to Go Forward in Your Goals
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