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the Faith Coach

Women of Movement (WOM)

1:1 Elite Business Coaching

with Sharon,

Individual/1:1 Monthly & Group Coaching with Sharon

$2,470 Paid in Full (increases to $3,470 in January 2024)

For Current WOM Members ONLY

Elite 1:1 Business Coaching Offers: 

  • Live customized individual/1:1 targeted and customized business coaching with Sharon

  • Bi-weekly 15-minute office session to get specific questions answered and additional guidance for immediate business concerns.

  • Speed up your progress with 1:1 coaching sessions specific to your speaking, branding, and entrepreneurial needs. Each month, we will target specific area(s) of improvement/growth and set monthly personal benchmarks for goal attainment.

  • All WOM Speaking Club Group benefits

WOMSC Upgrade



Paid in full.

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86. Three Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired in This Season
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