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For your emotional health by weeding out the noise and distractions

It's Ok to Start Thinking About Yourself PDF

Has anyone told you lately that you matter to God? Yes you do and it’s ok to make yourself a priority. God is thinking of you always. Have you made your requests known to Him? Do you know you can call out to Him anytime and any day regarding what your needs are? It’s true and we need to do that regarding the things we envision for our lives. We don’t have to live a life of depression, anxiety, loneliness, or a life of not being who we were born to be. God wants abundance for us. Are you ready to receive it? Are you ready to tap in?

This PDF is 2 pages


For online course-creators, business owners, and coaches

The 15-Slide Editable Powerpoint Template is great for speakers, business owners, or coaches who want a quick easy-breezy presentation template. All you have to do is plug in your content and you're ready to present. You may edit as needed -- add, delete, or change anything to your brand colors or topic. 

A few things to consider:

  1. The editable Powerpoint template opens to Canva.

  2. In order to edit, you will need to log into Canva with a current or new account.

  3. Once in Canva, save as a copy and rename, so no other edits save over yours (similar to a shared Google Doc)

  4. You may edit anything on the Powerpoint, which means you may add, change, or delete.

Free 15-Slide Editable Powerpoint Template

Online Course Development Checklist PDF

This PDF is 2 pages

The Online Course Development *fillable Checklist is a great resource for business owners or coaches who are new course creators. It's a basic checklist that will get you on your way to creating online courses. Of course, once the course is created, there are many more elements to be considered, however, if you will stay focused on simply creating the curriculum, then everything else will eventually line up. Before you know it you will be on your way to having a great online course and many more if that's what you desire. 

Free automatic fillable you can fill-in online without having to print. Fillable can only be filled-in via cell phone, laptop, desktop, or tablets.

86. Three Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired in This Season
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