Protecting My Peace *Fillable Workbook will give you more peace during these challenging days of the COVID19 Pandemic, as well as, any other time in your life. Protecting Your Peace comes with power, confidence, joy, and emotional strength needed to have more of what it is God has for your life. This workbook will enable you to set time for reflection and writing the things you want in your life.


It’s time to invest in YOU. It’s time to do what YOU want to do without having to ask for permission or have to convince anyone to buy into it. It’s time to truly live life like it’s golden. Today, it’s YOUR day to start making YOU a priority and keep it that way. The Protecting My Peace Workbook will help do just that.

*can be filled-in online with a laptop, desktop, or tablet, but not a cell phone

29. 5 Ways to Deliver a Great Presentation
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