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Virtual Create AI Generated Headshots MASTERCLASS
with Sharon, the Faith Coach

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Have you ever wanted to get professional headshots done, but they were too expensive? Well, I found a solution that worked for me and I will show you how it can work for you too. In the “Create AI Generated Headshots" MASTERCLASS, I will show you how I was able to create professional headshots (see mock-up) and how you will able to create them too. You'll be amazed and it didn’t take that long at all either!

It the end of this masterclass you will create professional studio quality headshots for your website, social media marketing, etc. This mode of creating headshots will be a gamechanger for your brand and will save you time and money.

These are the awesome professional photos made during the previous “Create AI Generated Professional Headshots” Masterclass. First photo is Dr. Annette West; second photo is Donna Stowe, & third photo is Dr. Ovedia Rhoulac. You need professional headshots if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. Hope to see you at the next masterclass.

Register for the Masterclass

When you register for this masterclass, you will pay the $27 registration fee and an additional $17 fee during the masterclass to upload your photos to the AI application. For easier flow and ease, ensure you have 15-20 square headshots you wish to use BEFORE the masterclass.

Next Date: TBD

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