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30-minute Free Consultation “Call”:

  • This call is confirmation that you are serious about making an investment into your future.

  • During this call, we will determine what your faith needs are in order to make a decision on your faith and grind coaching journey. Isn't it time to start making an investment in YOU?

With the Gold Plan:

  • You will receive coaching for 2 months (8 sessions) once a week for 60 mins.

  • We will map out a “Faith and Grind Action Plan” to get you moving towards increasing your faith and confidence in order to level up in your given area(s) of challenge.

  • This plan/strategy is to get you moving in a new direction of faith and confidence.

  • Within the Gold Plan, you will be able to identify your prominent gift if you do not know it and we will develop an action plan for you to start operating in your gift that will bring you the results you have been waiting for.

  • We will come up with solutions that enable you to become more consistent in getting positive and long lasting results in the area you need more faith and confidence in and/or the area you may feel stuck in.

  • You will be on your way to a more fruitful life to live God's true vision for your life.

  • The goal of the Gold Plan is to get you in a much better place in your God-given gifted area(s).

With the Diamond Plan:

  • You will receive coaching for 4 months (16 sessions), once a week for 60 mins.

  • As your faith and confidence steadily increases, you are now ready to move to new levels within your God-given gift.

  • You are on your way to be more of a blessing to yourself and others.

  • Your God-given gift is being securely identified and you know how you will start operating in it, but what’s missing is how to start executing on the “Faith and Grind Action Plan.”

  • The Diamond plans helps you move through that plan so lasting results are starting to be seen more clearly.

  • Consistency in your faith-walk is more evident in this plan as you begin to walk more boldly and confidently in who you are. 

  • You will know how to “grind” throughout a vigorous plan of action to get you to new thinking and higher levels of achievement in your given area(s) of challenge.

  • I will be with you all the way as you maximize your faith and confidence to abundant levels.

  • We will refine your “Faith and Grind Action-Plan” with precision for success and victory in pursuing your vision and purpose. This will occur with unseen faith and confidence that may astound even you.

  • When we are finished, you will be empowered to move forward with renewed faith, confidence, and grind (works).

With the Platinum Plan:

  • You will receive coaching for 6-months (24 sessions) once a week for 60 mins.

  • In the Platinum Plan, your faith and confidence are being kicked into new gear for greater and higher levels that you may not have known existed.

  • This plan is taking the “Faith and Grind Action Plan” deeper through more introspection as you start going places (literally) to where your “people” or “tribe” are -- places that God has for you to go.

  • The Platinum Plan involves more “doing” than any other plan, because it is more practical and active than any of the other plans.

  • This plan is where you will see the extensive results that come from feeling stronger in who you are. 

  • You are getting more equipped to become more of yourself the way God sees you.

  • You are learning to operate in so much faith and confidence, you no longer "apologize" or "ask for permission."

  • Since your faith and confidence are heightened to richer and even more abundant levels, you will feel empowered, enlightened, and unstoppable like never before.

  • Your faith, confidence, and grind (works; goals) have become crystal clear.

  • You know exactly what you were born to do; how to celebrate successes; who you and your gift(s) impacts, where your gift best exists, when it applies, and most importantly, why God wants you to be fruitful and multiply.

  • You will be empowered to strive for the best version of yourself and reach for greater and better.

  • The Platinum Plan is your “Faith and Grind Action Plan” on steroids and thus, a plan that will bring you renewed faith, confidence, grind, joy, peace, and purpose.

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To start building your FAITH and your Grind contact Sharon


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