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In Sharon's Heart is happy to support the
Victorious Golgotha Mission School
in Kakamega, Kenya, East Africa.

"There are an abundance of children without parents due to Aids, ailments, parent’s dying, etc.  Without the needed resources people die from their illnesses. These deaths leave behind babies/children that are taken in by strangers, families and some left to fend for themselves. Thus, Victorious Golgotha Church had a vision to build an orphanage. Funds were not in place for that, thus the start of the Victorious Golgotha Mission School was opened. With encouragement and financial resources from Living Word, the school opened in 2013.
The Pastor of the church, David Obulutsa, and family walked through the village seeking out children that would never have the opportunity to learn and go to school. This excited us and Living Word made its first mission trip there in Fall 2015. At this time there were about 90 students. During out time there we surveyed the land and purchased needed items to include pots, plates, cups, school teaching materials. Per their request, we held leadership conference, children’s conference and Vacation Bible School.  God has been blessing immensely and there are currently over 350 students.
The children attend from morning to late afternoon. They receive teaching for their grade level and meals.  There are two full-time teachers and several volunteers assisting with this effort from the local villages. Volunteers get a small stipend at end of each term.  Living Word International Outreach Ministry is excited to be a part of this great work.
The school has a great need for supplies and resources. We are soliciting your support through financial donations to help in this effort. Every dollar does count, so don't think you have to give much to help those in need.  (Items cannot be sent into country due to the expensive shipping cost and logistics.)"
Dr. Annette West, Mission Organizer


In Sharon's Heart is happy to support the
the Purpose Program via KIN International Ministries Inc.

"The Purpose Program needs a transitional housing facility once the inmates are released.  The ideal facility would be at least 72,000 square feet on no less than 3 -5 acres (fenced) with lighted secure parking areas throughout the complex. It would contain a 1000 seat circular auditorium, balcony-professional sound and lightning systems/50 rooms for housing/ separate area  for staff offices/ administration wing/ 2 large conference meeting rooms/ teen & preteen wings/ nursery and toddler wing/ several laundry areas throughout the complex/3 large commercial kitchens/ fellowship hall/ library/ gymnasium/chapel rooms.

The Purpose Program would be a twenty-four-month residency program to continue to empower, enhance and encourage women and eventually men to reunite families.  It would consist of classes, groups, and external resources offering and implementing community education, parenting services, legal advocacy, community therapeutic support groups for women/men/children, preventive programs, public assistance benefits like SNAP,333 career development, financial stewardship, entrepreneur advocacy, and spiritual development.  The goal is to stop recidivism and convert criminal activity minds into successful citizens operating in their gifts & purpose."

Dr. Cindy Bailey, Program Director

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