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Women of Movement Speaking Club

Includes WOM Speaker Certification,

Speaker-Stage Coaching & Training,

Speaker-Brand Coaching & Training.

I help Christian female professionals speak confidently on live and virtual stages.

Women of Movement Speaking Club (WOMSC)


Women of Movement Speaking Club MEMBERSHIP

Group and individual coaching with a tribe of eagles

and WOM Speaker Certification.

In the Women of Movement Speaking Club, we focus on ONE thing: SPEAKING with Confidence. And because we know many speakers want to become more visible, we help you with your brand. And because we know many speakers want to become more knowledgeable about the industry, we help you obtain a Women of Movement Speaker Certification.  All of that by starting the process of SPEAKING with confidence. If you’re an emerging speaker, coach, writer, or entrepreneur, we know our ONE thing is SPEAKING and we want to help you know yours too, then level up from there.

Consists of 4 major components:​

  1. COACHING: Live group coaching/training​ in the areas of public speaking, branding, & online entrepreneurship. 

  2. STAGE-SPEAKING: Quarterly speaking-slots & vending-slots at live and virtual Women of Movement conferences/summits.

  3. ACADEMY: On-going free and reduced live/self-paced courses in WOMA (Women of Movement Academy) to earn Women of Movement Speaker Certification. 

  4. MENTORING: Upon entering the speaking club, you're never left alone or overwhelmed. A personal mentor is there to give you support and help you navigate the club.

If you desire to learn to speak with confidence in a supportive tribe and environment with other Christian women, then consider Women of Movement Speaking Club. A tribe is great for getting to your speaking goals faster and not trying to get there alone. There's a famous quote that says, "If you want to go slow, go alone. If you want to go farther faster, go together." Women of Movement Speaking Club will help you get on that stage right on time.

The Women of Movement Speaking Club provides live virtual group coaching with Sharon and her team within our supportive tribe/community of Christian female eagles (speakers, coaches, writers, & entrepreneurs).

The Women of Movement Speaking Club is a continuous and year-round coaching & training “boot-camp” that focuses on many aspects of how to speak with confidence & successfully present at conferences, summits, corporate events, workshops, etc.

Let's get you ready for those live and virtual stages.

Women of Movement Speaking Club (WOMSC)

What the Women of Movement Speaking Club Offers: 

  • Speak with confidence on and off the stage to reach and inspire your audience

  • Tell your story on stage with clarity, impact, and no embarrassment or shame

  • Enhanced communication skills to articulate thoughts clearly, organize ideas effectively, and deliver messages persuasively.

  • Become a certified WOM Speaker to gain more market credibility and authority

  • Effective presentation skills to develop and refine voice modulation, body language, eye contact, use of visual aids, and more.

  • Constructive feedback from experienced coaches and peers

  • Automatic guest on Women of Movement Podcast to promote brand 

  • Free Speaking Course ($597 value)

  • Mentor for onboarding and club navigation

  • Placed in speaker directory

  • Access to Speaking Club Portal

  • Access to a private tribe/community

  • Network and collaborate with like-minded Christian female professionals

  • Free and reduced rates for certifications, courses, masterclasses and other training.

  • Access to Women of Movement Academy to Gain a Women of Movement Speaker Certification through current membership with the WOMSC.

  • Reduced rates to speak or vend at quarterly conferences and summits

  • The following are some of the many academy courses/training that are available to current members that include certificates of completion. Courses lead to applicable WOM Academy certification(s). Note: academy courses/certifications, and academy special masterclasses are only open to current members:​

    • Orientation Course
    • Create Your Digital/Online Course

    • Speaking Course

    • Stage Speaking 101 Course

    • Branding Course

    • Elevator Pitch Course

    • Canva Course

    • Speaker Certification (currently)

    • Coaching Certification (coming)

    • Online Business Certification (coming)

    • Many more

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Women of Movement Speaking Club

Both plans also include access to WOM Academy where current members

can obtain a WOM Speaker Certification.

WOMSC Payment


The Women of Movement Speaking Club membership

helps you gain confidence, clarity, consistency, and community.

And know this:

  • You can overcome any fear or discomfort and become a great public speaker. It’s true.

  • No matter what life throws our way, it's important to never give up in speaking about what God placed in your heart. Giving up is easy to do when things get tough, but it's not the best option, because there are people who want to hear your story.

  • When we give up, we miss out on opportunities to learn and grow. Then we miss out on connecting with people to make an impact in their lives.

  • When we don’t speak, tell our story, and get the necessary coaching and training, we also miss out on the chance to overcome challenges and become stronger.

The Women of Movement Speaking Club can help you level-up in becoming a new, different, and better you. The time is now. Don't wait this time. Don't procrastinate this time. Or the window of opportunity may close. 

WOM Speaking Club Group Membership FAQ's

Click HERE for more WOMSC (Women of Movement Speaking Club) Group Membership FAQ's

Women of Movement Speaking Club (WOMSC)


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