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What are the

Women of Movement Businesses Conferences About?

The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits are filled with Christian powerhouse female speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs you can network with, showcase your business, and collaborate with. We also have engaging and exciting vision boards sessions, which is another way we use to connect attendees to promote their businesses.


The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits are about learning to push through, speak with confidence, tell your story with clarity, improve your communication skills, and learn how to create online businesses.

The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits give tips on how to be an eagle and to soar high in business and other areas. Remember this:

  • Eagles fly above it all.

  • Eagles fly above the storm.

  • Eagles fly solo to regroup.

  • It’s your time to step out.

  • It’s your time to trust yourself.

  • It’s your time to put your faith in action.

We'll see you on the stage!


School Dayz Global Business Summit (Video) (2).png


School Dayz

Women's Conference

Saturday, September 28th, 2024

10am - 12pm EST

To see the latest updates, follow the Women of Movement Global Facebook Group

More registration information coming.

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Are you feeling like you can improve in your communications skills? Are you lacking in making connections with like-minded people? This virtual event can be the gamechanger you've been waiting for. 


When you join our tribe, you will have what you need for effective stage presentations. All of our speakers and vendors are members of the Women of Movement Speaking Club (WOMSC). Members go through year-round coaching and training that enable them to show up as professional, confident, impactful speakers. 


119. God Will Bless Your Speaking Endeavors and Make You First
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