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Women of Movement

 What are the

Women of Movement Businesses Conferences About? 

The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits are for emerging and aspiring female speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs who want to get encouragement and business insight to create and innovate in the areas of public speaking, branding, and online business creation/scaling.

The conferences are also about going to new levels in what God has for you and your online business. Are you staying with it until mission accomplished? The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits are about pushing through, learning how to create an online business, and the different ways to navigate through online business.

The Women of Movement Business Conferences and Summits give tips on how to be an eagle and to soar high in business and other areas. Remember this:

  • Eagles fly above it all.

  • Eagles fly above the storm.

  • Eagles fly solo to regroup.

  • It’s your time to step out.

  • It’s your time to trust yourself.

  • It’s your time to put your faith in action.

We'll see you on the stage


May Slay Global Women's Conference & Brunch 

School Dayz Global Women's Summit 

53. Intrinsic Motivation and Inspiration is What is Needed to Go Forward in Your Goals
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