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LOVE BUSINESS Global Business Summit On Clubhouse 

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Love Business Summit

on Clubhouse.

Saturday, February 18th, 2023

8am - 8pm EST

Free digital conference workbook and free access to

Sharon's Speaking Masterclass.

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summit workbook with with host, speaker, & vendor session titles, session overviews, bio's, and websites.

WOM Speakers:

 8:00am - Valila Wilson, Session title: The Success Process

  9:00am - Dr. Dana Johnson, Session title: Rise: Love Beyond All

10:00am - Tashena Berry, Session title: Love Fuels the Passion for Purpose

11:00am - Nicholette Hemingway, Session title: Be Prepared To

Show The Best You to Others

12:00pm - Kendra Little, Session title: Against All Odds


3:00pm - Dr. Annette West, Session title: Let’s SWOT our Wellness to Wealth

4:00pm - Janice Burton, Session title: Go Beyond Love!

5:00pm - Lee Forrester, Session title: 9 Hacks to Your Best Self 

6:00pm - Sharon Rand, Session title: Love the Process

7:00pm - Sharon Shannon, Session title: It’s OK to Have Boundaries

May Slay Global Business Conference In-person

Click HERE to register for the

May Slay Global Business Conference In-person

Saturday, May 27th, 2023

10:30am - 4pm EST

4 Points Hotel by Sheraton

Pineville, NC 28134


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