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My Journey as a Public Speaking Survivor

As I sit down to share my story, I can't help but feel a surge of emotions. Being a public speaker is something I imagined for myself since I was about the age of 12ish. I was always a natural at speaking and I always loved words. I would speak in front of my living room of no one, but my mother walking back and forth from the kitchen to the bedroom. I read magazines and books as I absorbed more into my dreams of being on stage. I had much pain in the process of living, as many of us do, but that only fueled my passion to help women find their voice and inspire those who were born to hear it.

What's your dream? What's your passion?

You're a survivor, because you made it this far. Now, as your journey continues, what are you doing for YOUR next?

Fast forward to where you see me today and know it was a deliberate effort to go for it. To go further in MY next. I stopped living everyone else's dreams, especially the ones who were too lazy to go for theirs and just talked a good game. I made a decision—to confront my fear head-on and turn my lemons into opportunities for growth. Pre-COVID, I enrolled in a public speaking in-person program, hired speaking coaches, made videos, podcasts, created the Women of Movement Speaking Club and Academy, and decided that I'd create my own stages for Christian women who sought out opportunities to practice their speaking craft and speak in front of others at business conferences, summits, etc.

My public speaking journey continues despite the challenges.

It wasn't easy building what I've thus far built and what I continue to build (there's much more). There were moments when I wanted to give up and just stop, especially when the fear threatened to consume me once again of what the chicken heads thought (what a total waste of time). Yet, with each small victory—whether it was creating digital products through my Faith Works Academy for non-members, delivering a successful presentation, seeing the women in my Women of Movement Speaking Club giving successful presentations, or those moments when I received positive feedback from an audience member that I helped them—those were the moments that confirmed my "why" again and again. I remember who God says I was and will always be — fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

Surviving is thriving and thriving is winning.

This is a brief story as I reflect on my public speaking survivor journey. I realize being a public speaking survivor isn't just about overcoming fear—it's about embracing vulnerability, finding my voice, and inspiring others to do the same. And though the road ahead may still be challenging, I know I'm stronger, braver, and more resilient because of it.

If you want to hear more about being a public speaking survivor, listen to this to get even more inspiration in your public speaking journey.


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