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Stop Crying Over Them

Updated: May 2

Stop crying over them. Stop being mad at them. They needed to walk out of your life. They needed to ignore you. They needed to bad-mouth you. They needed to tell lies about you.

It was to strengthen you for your next level. 

They should have been out of your life a long time ago. It’s time for you to realize that. They thought if they left you faithless, you'd fold under the pressure and hurt, but what they found out was you’re stronger, faster, and better than that. And where God is taking you, you’ll find that you really needed all of that, just as David in the bible did. David would not have been able to slay Goliath & eventually become king without all that his very own family made him go through. His brothers & father were awful to him. But guess what? They didn’t know they did him a huge favor. They didn’t know God was with him the entire time when David was in the field going through all that intense training that he would need later.

David won though — despite all his flaws & bad decisions. You’re winning too. Why? Because you’re an eagle and eagles don’t look back or back down. You needed them to do the things they did. Embrace it — all of it. 

Welcome to your next level.


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