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A Story About a Public Speaker

As I stood backstage, the nerves were starting to kick in. The lights were dimming, the chatter of the audience growing louder, and soon it would be my turn to take the stage. I took a deep breath and reminded myself of all the hard work and preparation I had put into this moment. I was ready.

As I stepped out onto the stage, I could feel the eyes of the audience on me. I took a moment to let it sink in before I began to speak. And as I started, something amazing happened. The nerves melted away, and I found myself speaking with a confidence I never knew I had.

I told my story, of the challenges I faced and the obstacles I overcame. I spoke of the moments of doubt and fear, but also of the moments of triumph and success. I shared my journey, my experiences, my lessons learned.

As I continued to speak, I could feel the energy in the room shift. The audience was hanging on my every word, nodding in agreement, and even laughing at some of my anecdotes. I felt empowered, emboldened, and completely in my element.

By the time I finished, there was a standing ovation. The applause was deafening, and I couldn't help but feel a swell of pride in my chest. I had overcome my fear, taken the stage with confidence, and it had paid off in ways I never could have imagined.

As I stepped off the stage and back into the shadows of the wings, I knew this was just the beginning. I had found my voice, my power, and my confidence. And I couldn't wait to take the stage again and share my story with the world.

The person in this story is YOU.

Picture it. Speak it. Become it.


119. God Will Bless Your Speaking Endeavors and Make You First
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