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I help Christian female professionals speak

confidently on live and virtual stages.

Sharon, the Faith Coach

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Women of Movement Speaking Club


I'm Sharon Shannon, the Faith Coach. Founder of Women of Movement. I help Christian female professionals to level-up in their speaking, branding, and entrepreneurship as they use their God-given gift to serve and speak confidently on virtual/live stages in order to walk in faith and freedom. Do you want to walk in faith & freedom? You can. You really can.

The Women of Movement Speaking Club coaches and trains emerging, aspiring, and seasoned speakers to become more balanced speakers to show up professionally before, during, and after the stage. The Women of Movement Speaking Club is a community that is about becoming a more confident speaker, yet speaking involves much more. That's why Women of Movement Speaking Club is filled with elements that will help you catapult your speaking and business to new levels. If you are an emerging/aspiring or seasoned Christian female speaker, coach, author, or entrepreneur who needs help fine tuning your public speaking, branding, and entrepreneurship, then Women of Movement Speaking Club may be exactly what you need. Let's get you on those virtual and in-person stages with a clear message that will move the masses.

Only current Women of Movement Speaking Club members are eligible to speak or become vendors at our Women of Movement conferences and summits, as well as, affiliate conferences and summits. Speaker's generally speak about their specific industry, faith and business. Additionally, when you join the Women of Movement Speaking Club, you also have access to the Women of Movement Academy in which you can take courses that lead to a speaker, coaching, on online business certification. Click below to find out more.