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Create offers to engage and cultivate your clients and customers

Create Your Offer MASTERCLASS

for Christian Female Speakers, Coaches, Writers, and Entrepreneurs

with Sharon, the Faith Coach

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Do you know, an introductory and core offer are essential for your business to effectively engage and establish relationships with your target audience?


In this masterclass you will learn to:

  • Effectively create your introductory/core offer with precision to your brand.

  • Begin using your offers immediately and consistently.

  • Increase learning with a digital workbook that helps guide you along

  • Bonus Q & A coaching session at the end to answer any questions regarding your current or future brand. 

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In this masterclass, you will understand the importance of starting where you are and using what you have to resonate with your target market. You are enough and you have enough. Don't reinvent the wheel. 


Unlock the secrets to crafting offers that your customers can't resist! This comprehensive masterclass is designed for Christian female speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create compelling offers that drive sales and build loyal customer bases.

Enroll now and  transform the way you create and market your offers.

Identify Your Product or Service

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119. God Will Bless Your Speaking Endeavors and Make You First
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