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Virtual Identify Your Ideal Client 5-Day Masterclass
with Sharon, the Faith Coach

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About the Masterclass:

If you have a brand or desire a brand, you must know who you serve (and why you serve them). Do you know who that person is? Do you know who your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is? Have you even heard anything about an ideal client? Either way, it's totally ok. We've got you covered.


Right now you may be feeling stuck and frustrated, because you're not sure where or how to start connecting with the clients and customers you have or want to start creating content for. Well, I understand. Just a short time ago, I was there too and through trial and error I have figured out some things that will help you get to know who your ICA is even if you've never heard too much about an ICA.

In this 5-day masterclass, you will learn what exactly those things mean, plus much more. And this training is all from the Clubhouse Audio App (room link appears after registration). During the 5-day masterclass, each day you will learn to understand how your story, message, and brand fits and connects with your ideal client. You will come away with having more confidence and clarity in establishing and continuing relationships with the people God has for you to help and empower. Your voice will resonate with your ideal clients. I'm excited to see you on the stage...on Clubhouse.

Who is Training For? Christian female professionals who are emerging speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Clubhouse
Registration Deadline: TBD

In This Masterclass, You Will Learn To:

Day 1:  Define your ideal client

Day 2: Discover your ideal client’s pain points

Day 3: Create solutions for your ideal client

Day 4: Market to your ideal client

Day 5: Cultivate relationships with your ideal client

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105. How Successful People Keep Going
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