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Virtual Eliminate Filler Words Masterclass
with Sharon, the Faith Coach

I help you increase your communication skills by mastering the art of eliminating filler words, for a polished and impactful delivery.

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About the Masterclass:

In the "Eliminate Filler Words Masterclass," you will learn to refine communication skills by skillfully removing unnecessary filler words, and enhance clarity and impact in your messages/presentations.

If you find it challenging to eliminate filler words like "uh" "um" or "you know" from your day-to-day conversations, speeches or presentations, consider the Eliminate Filler Words Masterclass. This masterclass will help you collect your thoughts before responding, and use that time to formulate a more precise and deliberate answer. Additionally, you will be able to practice delivering your thoughts with confidence and clarity, and over time, reduce the use of filler words.

Who is Training For? Christian female professionals who are emerging speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs

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97. One Thing at a Time. One Step at a Time
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