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Why I Don't Let Fear or Criticism Stop Me

Fear and criticism are two powerful forces that used to hold me back. I stopped doing so much God put in my heart, because I worried about what people thought about me. How did I know what people thought about me? Well, although sometimes it was all in my head believing they thought certain thoughts, but sometimes it was a matter of fact. Nevertheless, I let all of it prevent me from doing what I'm doing now - writing this blog, making videos, podcasting, working with the amazing people I get to work with, innovating my Women of Movement Speaking Club and Academy, and much more.

I Gotta Keep Moving

Despite the negative influences that try to creep in, I have made a conscious decision not to let fear or criticism stop me from following my passions and chasing my goals. If I let fear or criticism stop me, I wouldn't do what God wants me to do. I wouldn't have the favor, grace, and mercy I have in my life to help other women. Listen, I refuse to worry about what people say or don't say or what they do or don't do. I gotta keep moving and so do you.

There's a Reason for the Exclusion

Fear and criticism have cousins and one is exclusion. Don't worry that they leave you out and don't include you in what they're doing. You can't be included, because you wouldn't be comfortable around them anyway. I've come to realize that now. People think if they ignore you or don't acknowledge you, that will make you stop. They have no idea that things like that only fuel you, like it did with David and Esther in the bible. Thank them in your mind for being such great trainers and getting you ready for your promotion.

It's About You

Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your dreams and reaching your full potential. Move faster than I did. It doesn't matter that your blessing and anointing makes them feel inadequate, let it. If they have an issue by your confidence making them feel insecure, that's not on you. You can't help it that they want to do what you're doing, but are not willing to do what you're doing to get what you get. They will try to make you doubt yourself and your abilities, and ultimately prevent you from taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zones. Don't take the bait. God will bring you the best people for your life, so no need to cry over sour milk. It's you-time, baby.

Fear is just a natural part of life

It's human nature to feel scared when faced with the unknown or when we are stepping into uncharted territory. However, I have come to embrace fear as a sign that I am pushing myself outside my comfort zone and growing as a person. I refuse to let fear dictate my actions and instead I choose to confront it head-on, knowing that it is a temporary feeling that will fade away once I take the first step towards my goal. It's best working well in my life.

Criticism won't stop my flow

Criticism can be a harder obstacle to overcome than fear, because it's never easy being judged or criticized by people, especially when it comes to doing something God told us to do. However, I have learned that criticism is just another person's opinion and does not define my self-worth or deter me from pursuing what I love. I choose to see criticism as an opportunity for growth and improvement, rather than an obstacle that will hold me back.

I refuse to let fear or criticism stop me because I believe in myself and my abilities. I know that I am capable of achieving great things and I have the strength and resilience to overcome any challenges that come my way. I am committed to pushing past my fears and silencing the voice of doubt in my head, knowing that on the other side of fear and criticism lies success, fulfillment, and self-discovery for myself and the women I serve.

I stand we you too in choosing to embrace fear and criticism as opportunities for growth and self-improvement, rather than barriers that will hold you back. Don't let negative influences dictate your actions or prevent you from pursuing your dreams and God's vision for your life.

I am determined to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles that may come my way, because I know the only way to truly succeed is to face my fears and criticisms and push past them. God tells me that in Psalm 139:14.


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