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Do you know dreams are about visualization, which can be manifested through having goals, having a vision, creating vision boards, and putting that vision into action? This workbook delves into how to start getting what God has for you. If we are willing to make time to hear what God has to say over our lives, then we will get the details we need to go from level to level. Once we start the process, He will continue the great work He has planned for all of us. It’s ok to start “small.” In fact, it is strongly recommended, because it helps set a strong foundation to build from. This workbook provides strategies for setting goals, writing them down, and being confident in your gift or gifts. We can write down goals on anything. Goals and Gifts can be the game-changer you have been waiting for while implementing elements in achieving set goals. Picture what you want for your life and achieve those goals by walking out each element. Never stop.

Gift and Goals

113. Clients and Your Unique Value Proposition
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