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It's Important to Tell Your Story with Clarity

I remember a time when I didn't want to tell my story. My story is one of being down and out after I found myself alone with 2 kids after the Air Force. I didn't want to tell the details of that story - of having bad credit since I had so many bills after my marriage. I had no money and no friends either. I didn't want to share my story because I was embarrassed and very private, so I said very little, if anything at all.

We're helping people when we share our story/testimony

What helped me was when I started asking myself the tough questions and taking action. Some of those questions were, 'Sharon, wasn't God there when no one else was? Didn't God provide for you and your kids when you didn't think there was a way? Didn't God answer when you called to him out of your pain and hurt by people?' And all of the answers to those questions were a definitive 'yes, He did!'

Now, I'm more confident in who God called me to be, say, and do and I'm used to telling my story. Now, I tell my story with clarity and focus, and you can tell yours too!


108. Anything You Want to Create, Can Be Created When You Put Faith into Action
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